Reporting with LinkedIn Data


We bring you direct insights into your performance.


Driving blind? No insights?

When you are a serious user of LinkedIn Marketing solutions like your Company Page, Content Marketing or LinkedIn Advertising, you want results. You put a lot of resources into it, so you want to know if it pays off.


And yes, you have your statistics on the Admin panel of your Company Page and the reporting in the campaign manager.


You need to do a real study to interpret most of that data. If you are an Excel Guru, you can even do some reporting yourself with the export feature.


We just love data. LinkedIn Data.

LinkedIn Performance Reporting


As data fanatics, we developed several performance reporting tools for your Company Page, Content marketing, and LinkedIn Advertising. 


We can provide you with one-time reporting or a monthly subscription.


One-time reporting

If you want a report of how your Company Page and Content has been performing over the last year or how your advertising campaigns have been performing, we are the ones to reach out to.

We can generate extensive reports for you, including some advice, or even go further and give you training based on the finding.

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Based on the one-time reporting, you might find it interesting that we keep an eye on your progress afterward.


Monthly, Quarterly, bimonthly, or whatever you need for your content marketing.


For LinkedIn Advertising, we can even send you a daily performance reporting.


Ask for a proposal

You might have some questions now. You want to know what the reporting looks like, how things are organized, and what costs are involved.


When you fill out the form, and we will contact you with no obligations.

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