Lead generation on LinkedIn

With over 760 million professional users on LinkedIn, it is the number one B2B Lead Generation platform.

And it’s not only about finding and getting the lead but also do a good follow-up.

Finding the right leads is one; reaching them is another ball game

LinkedIn offers some great tools for lead generation.

There is, of course, the premium Sales Tool, Sales Navigator, but there are also the product pages on the Company Page, and there is LinkedIn Advertising.


Great tools with great features. We’re working with these tools since their origin, and we love them. To know them is to love them. 

Knowing the tools alone is not enough. We learned over the years the best practices, and we offer these to you.

We are not a lead generation agency. We help you generate and follow up the leads.

Lead Generation with LinkedIn Advertising

There are a few ways to generate leads with LinkedIn Advertising.

Directly through the LeadGen forms or by using Landingpages.

What works and what doesn’t? 


See what we have to offer.

Follow the Lead program

We do not stop after getting the lead. 

As we put in a lot of effort to get your leads, we also help you monitor the follow-up.

We can also help you to get the leads in your lead nurturing or marketing automation software.


-> Read more about the Follow the Lead program

CRM integration

If your Sales organization is a well-oiled machine, you have a CRM system as a central administration and sales tool. 

We can make sure that you don’t have to enter the leads into your CRM system separately. We can automate that part.


-> Check how we integrate with your CRM system

Sales Navigator integration

As leads need to be followed up by Sales, why not integrate it directly into Sales Navigator? We know the drill!

Combining two powerful LinkedIn tools gives absolute power to your Lead Generation program.

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