the Company Page booster program

Direct insights, tools, and guidance to upgrade your company page performance. 

Do you already use your company page as a big driver for your business?

Your LinkedIn Company page can be a great asset for:

  • ✔  Employer branding
  • ✔  Corporate branding
  • ✔  Content marketing

When done right, you can specifically target tailored information towards your audiences, such as clients, prospects, employees, and candidates.

So how about your Company Page? Are you already benefitting from it by getting the results you desire? Do you reach the right target audiences and hit them with the right information?

Do you already know how your company page can help you drive your business?

Do you know if your efforts pay off?

When you put great efforts into using LinkedIn to drive your corporate message on the Company Page for Employer Branding or Corporate Branding, you want to be sure it pays off.

But do your best intentions and investments to post the right content and involving the employees to engage with it have the desired effect?

And how do you convince your supervisors that all the time and money you invest give them the best results possible?

And how do you measure and set goals by not knowing the full potential?

Does LinkedIn provide you with data or full insights?

LinkedIn offers a lot of stats and analytics. But is this data already giving you the right information to grow your business?

You might feel it is easy to see if you are on the right track with your audience, visitors, and content. To be honest, it’s not.

Even if you are an Excel Guru and export all data to excel and create magnificent graphs.

The challenge is that it is really time-consuming, but rough data does not provide a real interpretation. Let alone the fact that you cannot use it for internal reporting and presentation. Agree?

Stop working in the blind, get real information!

Let us help you get everything straight.

We want you to have a LinkedIn Company Page that delivers value.

Value for your different target audiences but you as well.

We will help you to make it not only a placeholder but a magnet as well.

We bring you the Company Page Booster Program

➪ Is it training? Yes!
➪ Is it a consult? Yes!
➪ Is it an analysis? Yes!
➪ Is it a report? Yes!
➪ Is it a content calendar? Yes!
➪ Is it a road map? Yes!

It is all in one!

Together with you, we will take your Company Page, Corporate Branding, Employer Branding, and Content Marketing to the next level!

What's the next step?

If you want to take full advantage of everything your company page offers for corporate branding, employer branding, and content marketing, we will set up the program for you.

The program covers a total period of two weeks.

The program consists of 5 steps.

➊ Intake call

We set up an intake call by Zoom or Teams.
We will discuss your current targets for the Company Page, your current approach, and your wishes during this meeting.

We also have many questions we will ask, and then you will give us Admin access to your Company Page.
(we will send you an NDA upfront)

➋ Data collection

We will start collecting all data from your Company Page.

We do this by using an API connection to get more data than you normally get in the Company Page analytics environment.

➌ Data analyzes and interpretation

We will assess and analyze the data and put this in a Company Page Performance Report.

We will also have an in-depth look at your Company Pages and all the settings.

➍ Create report and training material

We will write our advice for improvement. Based on your goals and targets, we look at your data and will write your custom advice.

We will also set up a roadmap for you on how to reach your goals.

We will put it all together in a final report and training material.

➎ Completely custom Training

Based on your goals and targets and our findings, we will train you to get more out of your Company Page. 

We will give to at least one person (or more) from Marketing and HR.
This training is based on data from your Company Page and your targets and wishes compared to our Benchmarks.

The training will cover a.o. the following topics:


➪ Setting up the Company Page the right way;

➪ Admin roles

➪ Followers – do you reach the right audience?

➪ How to attract the right followers;

➪ Visitors to your Company Page;

➪ Visitors to your Jobs Page;

➪ How to post free jobs the right way to your Jobs Page;

➪ Setting up the community for Employees;

➪ Analyses of your update behavior;

➪ Improvement advice on update strategy;

➪ Analyses of your Content Marketing;

➪ Improvement advice on your Content Marketing;

➪ How to involve employees in your content marketing;

➪ The road map for future use of your Company Page;

➪ Q&A


Optionally we can also cover:

➪ Product pages;

➪ Career pages;

➪ Life at pages;

What's in the report?

Of course, you are curious what is in the report you will get.


Well, quite a lot. 


Have a look at our demo report to check for yourself!


Ready to ask for a proposal?

So by now, you must be ready to start ASAP. Quite simple, fill out the form, and we will send you all details.

If you are in doubt or have any questions? Don’t hesitate to send us your questions. We will answer them!

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