Follow the Lead program

Leads can be costly but are also valuable assets for your sales organization.

Marketing generates leads, qualifies them, and gives them to sales for further qualification and follow-up.

But how do you know as a marketeer if the sales reps are doing the follow-up?

How do you know if all your marketing efforts pay off in the end?

Automation can help you to keep track of valuable leads.

Research has shown that between 11% and 43% of the leads are lost along the way.



We want to minimize these numbers, and there comes automation. By a proper setup automation flow, chances for human error are reduced to a minimum.

Handling a lead as valuable as it is will benefit your entire organization.


We make sure, with our automation, that your leads are administered the right way, assigned to the right people, and then monitored.



How the Follow the Lead program works

With our automation process and tools, we extract the Lead data from LinkedIn.

We put them in a separate database that we use for reporting, enter them in your CRM system and send them to you by e-mail.


We enrich the data in our database with the data from your CRM system, like account id, lead id, and deal id.


When something changes in your CRM system, we will automatically update our database to keep an eye on the progress.


When a deal is closed, we can calculate the actual ROI. 


Benefits of the Follow the Lead program

-> Keep track of your leads.

-> Calculate the actual ROI of your marketing campaigns.

-> Minimize human errors.

-> Save time.

-> Increase revenue.

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