CRM integration for LinkedIn Leads

If your Sales organization is a well-oiled machine, you have a CRM system as a central administration and sales tool. 


We can make sure that you don’t have to enter the leads into your CRM system separately. We can automate that part.

Why should you integrate the LinkedIn leads with your CRM system?

Research has shown that between 11% and 43% of the leads are lost along the way.


Wow, that’s a lot. And there are many reasons why this happens:


-> Leads come in by Email but sometimes end up in the spam or junk folder.

-> It is not clear who will pick up the new leads (organization)

-> Adding it to the CRM system is forgotten or not prioritized

-> There is no one to qualify the leads

-> Noone takes care of the follow-up


By automating some of these steps, we can decrease the lost figure of leads. Of course, we can not reorganize your internal processes, but we can minimize human error.


Which CRM systems can be integrated with LinkedIn Leads?

We already successfully integrated with the following CRM systems:

-> Salesforce

-> HubSpot

-> SuperOffice

-> Microsoft Dynamics

-> Pipedrive

-> Zoho CRM

-> Copper

-> Sugar CRM

But we can connect with almost every CRM as long as there is an API connection available.

What does this integration mean?

Whit our automation process and tools, we get the Lead data from LinkedIn.

From there, we can easily do the data entry in your CRM system:



-> Create an account for the Company (if it doesn’t already exist in your CRM)

-> Create a contact for the person (if it doesn’t already exist in your CRM)

-> Create a deal/opportunity connected to the account and contact

-> Assign the deal, contact, account to an account manager or sales rep.

-> Create a task for the Sales Rep


And after that, the magic happens. 

Whenever the deal changes in the CRM system, we can update our reporting. So you know what the status is of each lead. Including the value so we can calculate the ROI of the Campaigns.


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