Lead Generation

Once you know that we can reach your potential buyers with LinkedIn Advertising and turn them into leads, you want to go for it.


However, it’s not just as simple as switching it on. We learned the hard way.

It’s about getting the right people, giving their contact details for the right reasons. 

LeadGen forms or Landing pages?

There are two different main approaches for Lead Generation on LinkedIn. 

One uses the Leadgen forms from LinkedIn to get the contact details; the other uses a landing page.

They both have pros and cons. And we use them both in campaigns. Whatever suits your message best.

Leadgen forms

An ad (can be a visual, a video, or a carousel image) with a call to action to download something, a whitepaper, e-book, etc…or subscribe to a webinar).


To download or subscribe, people submit a leadgen form from LinkedIn with their prefilled details. Once submitted, they can download—just that simple.


However, getting the right ad convincing enough for people to fill out their details is almost a science itself. 


If the service or product you are offering is a little complex, it might be better to use a landing page to inform and convince people. 

Landing pages

If the product or service you are promoting needs some more explanation, landing pages come in handy. 


We can inform and convince people that it is worth leaving their contact details on a dedicated web page.


We create, design, and publish landing pages quickly, including contact forms that link directly to our databases.



The rest of the process is the same

Once we have the lead, we can start our Follow the Lead program


For us, it doesn’t matter if you use Leadgen forms or Landing pages. We put the data automatically in our database.


We register the lead in your CRM system, marketing automation, or whatever you want.

So you have the information where you need it to do the proper follow-up. 


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