is your next business on linkedin?


You are probably considering lead generation with LinkedIn. 

You want to jump on the bandwagon but don’t know when and where to start.

You have no clue about the costs involved and how it works.

if the above applies to you, then join our free webinar.

Working in b2b? then your next business is on linkedin.

We are working with LinkedIn Advertising since 2012. Since 2019 it became a primary service we offer.

Since then we ran thousands of campaigns for international business.
Most of them successful (not all them, then we would be lying).

So we learned. We learned a lot. We know what works, what doesn’t work and if it doesn’t work we know what we need to change or tweak.

a thought through process

We know how to get the right leads. Marketing Qualified and ready to be Accepted by Sales.


We know how to record them, integrate them in your CRM, connect with Sales Navigator etc… to make sure you don’t loose grip on the valuable leads.


how good are the leads? What quality?

As we spent a huge amount of effort on the targeting, we know that the leads that come in are already Marketing Qualified.

And we make sure that sales only has to jump in to tackle the last criterium of the BANT criteria to make them Sales Qualified Leads, ready to send them a proposal or make an appointment.

what the webinar will cover

We will demonstrate how to run successful Lead Generation Campaigns on LinkedIn.


🎯 How lead generation on LinkedIn works

🎯 Targeting the right audience

🎯 How leads are put into the sales proces

🎯 CRM integration

🎯 Sales Navigator integration

🎯 Some current case

🎯 Best practices

🎯 Q&A

reserve your free spot now. limited seats available.

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no time for the webinar, but interested?

We are happy to set up call to discuss the options for you. Explain you how it works and answer all your questions. You can easily schedule a zoom call using this calender: