LinkedIn Campaign Strategy


So what's next?

First of all, we need to know your wishes. For that, we would like to schedule a free call.

After that call, we will make you a proposal that suits your needs. NEW TEXT – WRITE IT


Components we can use in this report are:






-> Competitor Analyses (Done by hand)

How are your competitors doing? What is their content approach, are they using advertising, what can we learn from them?

-> Target Audience analyses (we use Sales Navigator for that)

Is the target audience of your Company on LinkedIn? Are they following your Company Page? 

-> Your current approach

What have you done so far regarding content and advertising? We might even consider in-depth analyses of your content performance and advertising efforts.

-> Available resources

Do you have enough workforce and knowledge within your organization to handle content marketing and advertising? Is training needed?

-> LinkedIn Content Strategy

-> LinkedIn Campaign Strategy

-> Plan of approach

And after that?

After the online session, it’s up to you to decide what you want to do next.

You can do it yourself (after training or just by doing it) or outsource it to us or another agency. That’s totally up to you. If we think we can be of added value to you, we will calculate the costs and benefits when outsourcing to us.  



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