six ways to get more followers on your company page

As you want to use your Company Page to the fullest, you need to have an audience.


Without an audience, there’s no sense in putting effort into content marketing.

1. employee followers

Everyone that works at your company is automatically a follower.

From our Benchmarks, we learned that an average company has 4% of employee followers.

Make sure that everyone that works for your company is connected to the right Company Page.

2. natural followers - organic by updates

If you share updates on a regular basis, you will see a constant growth in followers.

So try to share at least once a week. Preferably two or three times a week.

But never more than once a day!

3. promoting on your website

A lot of Company Websites have footers where they ask the site visitors to follow them on Social Media.


Don’t forget to put in a Link to your Company Page!



4. promoting in your email signatures

Everyone in your company has some sort of e-mail signature. Standardized or custom. 

How about adding a ‘follow our Company Page on LinkedIn’ button.

5. inviting connections to follow

A great feature on Company Pages, which has been there for a while now, is the feature to invite connections to follow the page.

The problem for a long time was that only Admins of the Company Page were able to invite their network.

LinkedIn started with new Admin roles on December 1st, 2020. 

Now you are able to make other people (even 2nd-degree connections) a content Admin.

Apart from them being able to post updates on your page, see statistics and react as the Company, they are able to invite their connections to follow the page.

Inviting connections is only possible for Content admins and Super admins.

You will see that you have a limited number of credits.


We see a number of credits between 100 and 250. From what we can see, those credits are given randomly by LinkedIn.


This is the total outstanding invitations that you have in one month. Each month you will receive a new batch.


So if you have 100 invitations as shown in this example, everyone in your company has to work with that same number.


As soon as someone accepts the invitation or declines it, you will get the credit back. 


Make sure that you choose the people you want to invite carefully.


A piece of advice we always give is to make your sales reps Content admin for a month. One by one. and ask them to invite that month the most interesting people in their network. 

6. join the conversation

Always wondered why you should add #hashtags to your Company Page? To join conversations and be visible on a topic.


This is how it works.

Click on one of the three #hashtags and you will get the feed with all recent updates on the topic.

Scroll down until you find an interesting post and you can comment and like as the page.

By doing so, people might see your comments and want to follow you.

7. advertising

Another way of gaining followers is running a brand awareness campaign through advertising. 


We are ready to help you with that and you can find all about that on this website.